Washeteria has partnered with Brooklyn Arbor PS 414 to create a theater literacy curriculum. 

Brooklyn Arbor students will take five field trips to Washeteria over the course of six-weeks to sit in on rehearsals, engage with artists, join in the theatermaking process, interact with the site-specific environment, and watch the work evolve over time. When the students experience final performances with their classes, they will understand the journey behind the work and use new critical thinking skills to understand and appreciate Washeteria.

Second grade classes at Brooklyn Arbor will experience three teaching artist-led workshops in their classrooms, visit rehearsals as ‘interactive dramaturges,’ and attend a final performance. Washeteria teaching artists will work closely with Arbor teachers to align the content of their visits with the NYC Department of Education Blueprint for the Arts.

After engaging in this curriculum, students will be able to:

  • Use their imaginations to endow objects with imaginary qualities.

  • Use their faces, bodies and voices to create and react to imaginary conditions.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of specific character desires and needs.

  • Create and mirror shapes and movements with other students.

  • Use a variety of vocal dynamics to explore thoughts and emotions. 

  • Gain an appreciation for the arts through their participation in Washeteria.

  • Recognize that theater, regardless of place or culture, tells us about our lives and ourselves.

  • Understand how an audience contributes to a theatrical experience.

  • Understand some of the elements of theater making as a process that happens over time.

  • Be able to recognize and communicate personal insights about a theatrical experience using theater terminology.