A site-specific theater experience

for both children and adults

The Project:

  • Artistically rigorous performance of all ages
  • Created by professional theater artists of the highest caliber along with with the students, teachers, and parents of Brooklyn Arbor (PS 414) 
  • Process-oriented for both children and adults
  • Accessible to a bilingual audience

...a young woman throws colorful leaves into a commercial dryer...

The Space:

  • Inspired by and paying homage to local laundromats
  • Both real and fantastical
  • A place to converse, critique, and share ideas
  • Celebrates the great transformative power of clothing

...an elderly woman slow dances with her laundry cart...

The Partnership:

  • In-class workshops with second grade students
  • Aligned with NYC Core Curriculum
  • Weekly rehearsal visits to observe process
  • Post-performance workshops

...a child pulls her dad over to look inside the glass storefront...