Street level engagement with theater

Willliamsburg is a rapidly changing part of Brooklyn with a diverse population and industrial and residential landscape. Inspired by the fact that storefront Laundromats are some of the most inclusive, civic spaces in New York City, Washeteria will rehearse and perform in a ground-floor storefront in Williamsburg, bringing positive activity to an underutilized block and encouraging neighbors to stop in and get to know one another.

Transforming the familiar

Washeteria is made up of short, episodic works that are incorporated into an ever-changing repertory. 

...a ballet about a wedding dress that is mistakenly mixed in with the sheets.... operatic aria about a sanitation worker getting clean...
...a physical theater piece about washing machines coming to life...

Washeteria is easily portable, and ultimately we envision a pop-up series taking place all over the city, with many interchangeable episodes that reflect the stories of each community.